Asylum decision making guidance (asylum instructions)

Asylum policy guidance for decision making in asylum applications.

This collection contains asylum policy guidance used by UK Visas and Immigration to make decisions on asylum applications.


  1. Applications from abroad: policy
  2. Article 1D of the Refugee Convention: Palestinian refugees
  3. Assessing credibility and refugee status
  4. Checking a representative is legally authorised to provide immigration advice
  5. Code of conduct: interpreters working for UK Visas and Immigration
  6. Conducting asylum interviews
  7. Considering human rights claims
  8. Dependants and former dependants
  9. Disclosure of information relating to asylum applications
  10. Discretionary leave
  11. Doubtful and disputed nationality cases
  12. Drafting, implementing and serving asylum decisions
  13. EEA and EU asylum claims
  14. Exclusion under Article 1F of the Refugee Convention
  15. Family cases
  16. Family reunion
  17. File management
  18. Further submissions
  19. Gender issues in asylum claims
  20. Gender recognition in asylum claims
  21. Humanitarian protection
  22. Handling asylum claims
  23. Immigration and Asylum Act and the Refugee Convention
  24. Inadmissibility: third country cases
  25. Integration loans
  26. Issuing status documentation for grants of leave
  27. Language analysis
  28. Lost, stolen or incorrect status documentation
  29. Mandate refugees
  30. Medical evidence: non-medical foundation cases
  31. Medical reports: foundation cases
  32. Military service and conscientious objection
  33. Multiple applications
  34. Non-compliant claims
  35. Permission to work
  36. Refugee leave
  37. Restricted leave
  38. Reviewing refugee leave or settlement protection: full equality impact assessment template
  39. Revocation of refugee status
  40. Revoking indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  41. Settlement protection
  42. Sexual identity issues in asylum interviews
  43. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  44. Transfering refugee status - interim notice
  45. Transgender identity issues in asylum claims
  46. Translations for asylum claims
  47. Withdrawing asylum applications
  48. Writing minutes
Published 11 June 2014
Last updated 8 October 2018 + show all updates
  1. "Inadmissibility: third country cases" added to collection.
  2. Guidance on disclosure of asylum information to third parties added.
  3. Updated guidance on asylum process
  4. Added guidance on sexual identity issues in the asylum claim
  5. First published.