Asylum support (asylum instructions)

Guidance from UK Visas and Immigration on how it decides asylum support applications, and other information about the asylum support system.

Published 11 June 2014
Last updated 14 May 2021 + show all updates
  1. New 'conditions of support' guidance which replaces the 'breach of conditions' guidance.

  2. Added the guidance for asylum support applications or people with refugee status abroad.

  3. Guidance on domestic abuse: responding to reports of domestic abuse from asylum seekers added.

  4. New guidance added: Asylum support: section 4(1) handling transitional cases; Asylum support: section 4(2) policy.

  5. Added 'Applications for additional support'.

  6. New publication on asylum accommodation requests policy.

  7. New guidance document on asylum support, section 4 policy and process.

  8. New document - Asylum support instructions: policy bulletins

  9. First published.