Get a passport urgently

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Online Premium service

You’ll apply, pay and book an appointment online. The earliest you can get an appointment is 2 days from when you apply.

You’ll get your new passport at your appointment. Appointments can last up to 30 minutes.

It costs £193.50 (or £204.50 for a 50 page frequent traveller passport).

You can only use Online Premium to renew an adult passport that was issued after 31 December 2001.

If you’ve already applied for a passport and have not received it yet, do not use the Online Premium service - you will not get your passport sooner. You might be able to upgrade your existing application instead.

Apply, book an appointment and pay

To use the Online Premium service you’ll need:

  • your old passport
  • a device that takes digital photos (like a smartphone, tablet or digital camera) and someone to take your photo
  • a digital photo of you

Apply, book an appointment and pay

If you cannot use the online service

You can book an appointment and pay over the phone if any of the following apply:

  • you cannot use a computer, a smart phone or the internet
  • you do not have a debit or credit card

Call the Passport Adviceline to book and pay.

What to bring to your appointment

You need to bring your old passport.

You can ask someone else to go to your appointment for you. They’ll need to bring:

  • your old passport
  • a signed and dated letter from you, naming them and giving them permission to collect the passport
  • their ID (for example passport or driving licence)

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Call the Passport Adviceline to change or cancel your appointment. It’s free if your appointment is more than 48 hours away.

You cannot change your appointment if it’s less than 48 hours away. You can cancel it and get a refund, but you will be charged a £30 admin fee. You’ll need to apply again.

If you miss your appointment, your application will be cancelled and you will not get a refund. You’ll have to apply and pay again.

Do not book more than one appointment for the same application. Additional appointments will be cancelled and you’ll be charged a £30 admin fee for each one.