Get an application form, book and pay

  1. Get a paper application form from a Post Office - you can’t apply online.

  2. Book an appointment online and pay the non-refundable passport fee.

  3. Fill in your application form and gather your documents before your appointment.

The fee won’t be refunded if you miss or cancel the appointment, or you don’t bring your completed form, photos and documents.

Book an appointment and pay by card

If you can’t go to your appointment

You won’t get a refund.

You can use the link in your email confirmation to change your appointment if your booking is more than 2 days away.

You can send someone else to your appointment if you’re in the UK.

Someone else can collect your passport if you use the 1 day Premium service.

Book by phone

You can call the Passport Adviceline to make an appointment.

If you need either the 1 day Premium or 1 week Fast Track service, it’s usually quicker to book your appointment online.

Get a refund in exceptional circumstances

The claim form give details of exceptional circumstances in which you can get a refund. Send it to the Passport Customer Service Centre where you had your appointment - address it to the Customer Service Manager.