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The FCDO advises against all travel to Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing, with attacks against a number of major cities, including Kyiv. Several towns and cities in southern and eastern Ukraine are temporarily under Russian control. There is a real risk to life.

If you are in the vicinity of military activity and you cannot leave safely, you should stay indoors, away from windows, and remain alert to developments that would allow you to leave safely. You should keep alert to any air raid warnings.

Following Russia’s invasion, there have been reports of military activity and shelling in the area of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. There have been no reports of any radiation release.

We continue to advise British nationals against all travel to Ukraine, whether in an official or unofficial capacity. There are many ways to support Ukraine from the UK. For advice on how, read Ukraine: what you can do to help. We advise those still in Ukraine to leave immediately if you judge it is safe to do so. Ukraine’s airspace is closed. Whilst you are in Ukraine, you should heed air raid warnings and instructions from the Ukrainian authorities.

The British Embassy is operating with a limited capacity in Kyiv. We cannot provide any in-person consular assistance. If you require consular assistance in Ukraine, you should call our 24-hour helpline +380 44 490 3660 (domestic call in Ukraine), +44 (0)1908 516666 (international call to the UK) and select the option for “consular services for British nationals,” or send an enquiry via the web contact form. Full consular services are available in neighbouring countries.

Martial Law remains in place. You should follow the instructions and advice of the Ukrainian authorities. You should check the measures in place in your location as they will vary from region to region. Ukrainian males (including dual nationals) aged 18-60 are prohibited from leaving the country. It is expected that this prohibition will remain in place for the duration of martial law. If you are a dual British-Ukrainian national or you have the right to reside in the UK, and you are seeking to leave Ukraine, please contact the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: for advice.

You should expect increased documentation checks on people and vehicles, transport restrictions and increased security measures for public buildings and infrastructure. Other measures could include additional border controls, restrictions on large public events, curfews, restrictions on telephones, internet and broadcasting, and evacuations of certain areas. See our returning to the UK page for information on exiting Ukraine, including border crossings, transport connections and required documentation. Transport networks are likely to be severely disrupted. Check with your transport provider before you travel.

The FCDO cannot facilitate evacuation. If you require medical evacuation or support to leave Ukraine, a number of private companies are offering this service. The FCDO cannot endorse or recommend any companies. You should research whether a service provider will be suitable for your requirements and meets code of conduct and safety standards. Should you decide to pursue this, the Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) has several member companies that can provide support in Ukraine. These companies have accredited certification for international standards. The FCDO provides details of SCEG for information only. The current list of SCEG members is shown on the SCEG website. The FCDO has not completed due diligence checks on these companies. The FCDO does not accept any liability arising to any person for any loss or damage suffered through using these service providers or this information. The FCDO is not able to provide financial assistance for employing private security/medical evacuation companies.

If you decide to remain in Ukraine, you should remain vigilant throughout for any potential combat operations, keep your departure plans under constant review and ensure your travel documents are up to date. You should monitor the media and this travel advice regularly, subscribe to email alerts and read our advice on how to deal with a crisis overseas.

If you are a family member of a British National normally living in Ukraine and intend to apply for a visa under the Ukrainian Family Scheme, please see Visas for the UK.

Conditions in Ukraine continue to change rapidly due to Russia’s invasion and with parts of the country temporarily under Russian control. This may mean changes in the application of rules described in this Travel Advice e.g. in relation to Coronavirus and internal travel. FCDO cannot confirm that all information here reflects the latest situation in Ukraine.

Terrorist attacks in Ukraine can’t be ruled out. See Terrorism