Several forest fires are affecting El Maule, Bio Bio, Araucania and los Rios regions. A state of catastrophe has been declared by the authorities.

ONEMI, the National Emergency response agency, has confirmed that the national parks and natural reserves affected are: China Muerta National Reserve, Valle de las Aguilas National Reserve, Conguillio National Park, Nalca Lolco National Reserve and El Nuble National Reserve.

Villarrica volcano has been active with lava appearing at the surface of the crater on 25 March. In the event of a minor eruption, local authorities have established that the hazard area would extend to a 5km radius from the active crater.

Local authorities recommend avoiding both areas. please seek advice from local authorities and visit the ONEMI website for more information.

Severe flooding and heavy rains are currently affecting Tarapaca and Atacama regions. Please follow the instructions of the National Emergency Office, ONEMI.

If you’re a British national and you need consular assistance, call the British Embassy on +562 23704100.

Border crossings are sometimes closed due to the weather or earthquakes. Check the website of the Chilean Ministry of Public Works for the latest information.

There is an underlying threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

Most visits to Chile are trouble-free. See Crime

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