4. Complain about an adviser

You can complain to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) if the adviser is regulated by them and you think you’ve had a bad service.

You can also ask someone to make a complaint on your behalf, eg a friend, solicitor or voluntary organisation.

There’s a different way to complain about a legal adviser not regulated by the OISC.

What you can and can’t complain about

You can complain about:

  • poor advice or service
  • unreasonable fees
  • an adviser claiming you’ll be successful
  • an adviser charging for work not done
  • an adviser missing deadlines or failing to appear in court

You can’t make a complaint about:

  • how long your immigration application has taken
  • something that’s already part of an ongoing legal action
  • a refund or compensation
  • Home Office staff
  • a person or organisation outside the UK

You usually can’t make a complaint about something that happened more than 6 months ago - OISC will decide whether or not to investigate depending on the situation.

OISC may refer your complaint elsewhere if you complain about a solicitor or barrister.

Use the complaint form

Download and fill in the complaints form. Send it to the address on the form.

You can get help from OISC staff to fill in the complaints form, but they can’t write your complaint for you.

Include any documents that are relevant with your complaint.

Make a complaint by letter, email or in person

You can also make a complaint by sending a letter or email to the OISC.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

Email: info@oisc.gov.uk
Telephone: 0207 211 1500
Telephone: 0345 000 0046
Find out about call charges

You can complain in person.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

Complaints Team
5th Floor
21 Bloomsbury Street

OISC can get an interpreter to take the details of your complaint.

Get help with your complaint

You can get support and advice from the:

What happens next

You’ll get a letter within 5 days of making your complaint telling you if it can be dealt with and how it’s going to be dealt with.

You’ll be told immediately by email if you make a complaint online.

You’ll get a letter with a decision on your case within 5 months of making your complaint.

The OISC may decide to:

  • take action against the adviser, eg warn the adviser about their conduct
  • refer the complaint, eg if it’s about a solicitor or barrister

Challenge a decision

Contact The Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman if you want to challenge a decision.