Office, property and equipment

Claim items you’d normally use for less than 2 years as allowable expenses, for example:

  • stationery
  • rent, rates, power and insurance costs

For equipment you keep to use in your business, for example computers or printers, claim:

You cannot claim for any non-business use of premises, phones or other office resources.


You can claim expenses for:

  • phone, mobile, fax and internet bills
  • postage
  • stationery
  • printing
  • printer ink and cartridges
  • computer software your business uses for less than 2 years
  • computer software if your business makes regular payments to renew the licence (even if you use it for more than 2 years)

Claim other software for your business as capital allowances, unless you use cash basis.

Rents, rates, power and insurance costs

You can claim expenses for:

Business premises

You cannot claim expenses or allowances for buying building premises.

Claim expenses for repairs and maintenance of business premises and equipment.

For alterations to install or replace equipment, claim:

You can also claim capital allowances for some integral parts of a building, for example water heating systems.