School governance

Duties and responsibilities, collaborative governance, school structure changes, roles in governance, guidance on what to publish online.

  1. Become a school or college governor

    Register your application to be a school or college governor - you can help decide how a local school or college is run

  2. Becoming an academy: top tips for governors

    Tips for governors of schools on the path to becoming an academy.

  3. Behaviour and discipline in schools: guide for governing bodies

    Guidance for school governing bodies on their role in creating their school's behaviour policy.

  4. Constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools

    Statutory guidance setting out the arrangements for the constitution of governing bodies of all local-authority-maintained schools.

  5. Equality Act 2010: advice for schools

    Guidance to help schools understand how the Equality Act affects them and how to fulfil their duties under the act.

  6. External reviews of governance: a guide for schools

    How to arrange an external review of governance for your school and improve the performance of your governing body.

  7. External reviews of governance: what's involved

    The process for those conducting external reviews of governance and schools being reviewed.

  8. Governance handbook and competency framework

    Guidance on the roles and duties of governing boards, and advice on the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to be effective.

  9. Governance in federations

    Explore the leadership and governance structures of federations and the challenges faced by governors.

  10. Governance in multi-academy trusts

    Guidance for governors and school leaders considering becoming part of a multi-academy trust.

  11. Identity verification for new chairs of trustees

    Form for new chairs of trustees in academies, free schools and independent schools to verify their identity.

  12. Interim executive board application form

    How local authorities can apply to set up a school governing body as an interim executive board.

  13. Leading governors: The role of the chair of governors

    A resource to help promote, develop and sustain effective governance in your school.

  14. Making significant changes to an existing academy

    Guidance for academies wishing to make changes to their school, including how to expand.

  15. National leaders of governance: a guide for potential applicants

    Find out about becoming a national leader of governance (NLG), what's involved and how to apply.

  16. Providing and updating academy trust governance contacts

    Information about notifying EFA of new and replacement academy trust members, trustees, accounting officers and chief financial officers.

  17. Residential special schools: national minimum standards

    Guidance for special schools providing residential accommodation for any child.

  18. School Governance (Collaboration) Regulations 2003

    Statutory guidance setting out the arrangements for the collaboration of governing bodies in maintained schools in England.

  19. School governance regulations 2013

    Guidance to help school leaders and governing bodies understand their obligations and duties.

  20. School governance: a policy overview

    A presentation setting out our vision for school governance and summarising 5 key policy objectives.

  21. School organisation: local-authority-maintained schools

    Statutory guidance about making organisation changes to local-authority-maintained schools, including school closure.

  22. Schools financial efficiency: top 10 planning checks for governors

    Information for school and academy governors to help make sure schools manage their resources efficiently.

  23. Statutory policies for schools

    Guidance on the policies and documents that governing bodies and proprietors of schools must have.

  24. What academies, free schools and colleges should publish online

    The information that all types of academies, free schools and 16 to 19 colleges should publish on their websites.

  25. What maintained schools must publish online

    The information that schools maintained by their local authorities must publish on their websites.

  26. Wraparound and holiday childcare: responding to requests

    Guidance to help schools understand how to respond to requests from parents and childcare providers about wraparound and holiday childcare.