Dealing with problems at school

Bullying, appeal an exam result, complain about a school, counselling, drug issues, illness, discipline and exclusions.

  1. Appeal an exam result

    How to appeal a qualification result (GCSE, AS, A level, Diploma or other qualification) or ask for it to be marked again if you think it's wrong

  2. Bullying at school

    Bullying at school and the law - what your school and the police must do about bullying and how you should report it

  3. Complain about a school or childminder

    Complain about a school or childminder - complaints process, when to complain to the Department for Education, the Education Funding Agency or Ofsted

  4. Complaints to Ofsted about schools: guidance for parents

    This document sets out some things you can do if you are concerned about a state-maintained school or academy.

  5. Counselling in schools

    Guidance for schools about setting up and improving counselling services for pupils.

  6. Drugs: advice for schools

    Guidance for school leaders and staff on managing drugs, drug-related incidents within schools and pastoral support for pupils.

  7. Get a replacement exam certificate

    Request a replacement exam certificate or a certified statement of results if you've lost your original - check the list of old exam boards if your board no longer exists

  8. Health and safety for school children

    Schools are responsible for your child's safety while they're at school or on a school trip

  9. Illness and your child's education

    What happens if your child can't go to school for health reasons - responsibilities of the local council and school and how medical needs are handled at school

  10. Parental responsibility: guide for schools and local authorities

    Guidance for local authorities and schools dealing with adults who have legal rights and responsibilities for children at their school.

  11. School behaviour and attendance: parental responsibility measures

    Statutory guidance for schools, local authorities and the police on dealing with poor attendance and behaviour in school.

  12. School discipline and exclusions

    Schools can punish (discipline) pupils or exclude them - find out what schools are allowed to do, like search pupils for knives or drugs