2. The Driver CPC initial qualification

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) initial qualification has 4 parts:

  • part 1 - theory test (this includes 2 separate tests - multiple-choice and hazard perception)
  • part 2 - Driver CPC case studies test (computer-based exercise with 7 studies based on real-life situations - eg driving in icy conditions)
  • part 3 - driving ability test
  • part 4 - Driver CPC practical demonstration test (this takes 30 minutes - you will need to show you can keep your vehicle safe and secure, eg loading your vehicle safely)

You must pass all 4 parts to get your Driver CPC.

Booking the tests

You can book parts 1 and 2 online using the theory test booking service.

You can book parts 3 and 4 online using the practical test booking service.

What order you can take the tests in

You must:

  • pass part 1 before you can take part 3
  • pass part 2 before you can take part 4

You can take part 1 and part 2 in any order, and can take part 3 and part 4 in any order.

Taking part 1

For part 1, you can take the multiple-choice and hazard perception tests in any order, and on different days or on the same day.

You need to book them for different times on the same day if you take both on the same day.