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If you want to deposit substances or articles within English or Welsh waters or English and Welsh -controlled waters, or into any waters from a UK vessel, either in the sea or under the seabed, you may need a licence from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The MMO is responsible for marine licensing in most English inshore and offshore waters. However, it is only responsible for English and Welsh offshore waters.


When they decide whether to grant the licence, the MMO will consider the availability of alternative methods of dealing with the intended waste.

The MMO may include any provisions in the licence which they believe necessary to protect the marine environment, the living resources which it supports and/or human health.

Certain material depositing activities may be exempt, such as the deposit of scientific instruments, fishing gear, or material on the site of drilling for oil and gas.

How to apply

You must supply any information and allow whatever examinations and tests the licensing authority feels necessary, to help them decide if a licence should be issued.

Fees may be payable.

Find more information, about pre-application advice and applying for marine licensing online, or contact the MMO marine licensing team.

Marine Licensing Team
Telephone: 0300 123 1032
Fax: 0191 376 2681
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Marine Licensing Team
Marine Management Organisation
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle upon Tyne

Fines and penalties

You must follow any provisions of the licence. It’s also an offence to present false information or fail to disclose information when requested.

Further information

For information on licences for inshore waters in Wales, contact the Marine Consents Unit and for Northern Ireland, contact the Department of the Environment.

Regulation and licensing for Scotland is now devolved, so to find information on licensing, you should contact Marine Scotland.