Child maintenance

Arrange child maintenance, calculator, how payments are worked out, when payments stop.


  1. Child maintenance calculator

    Work out the amount of child maintenance if you’re arranging it yourselves, or to get an idea of the statutory amounts from the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service

Guidance and regulation

  1. Use the Child Maintenance Service or Child Support Agency (CSA)

    Child maintenance - how to work it out, how the Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service can help, complaints, appeals

  2. How child maintenance is worked out

    Use the child maintenance calculator to work out how much child maintenance to pay - or see how the Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service work out maintenance, and the rates they use

  3. Arranging child maintenance yourself

    How to arrange child maintenance yourself without using the Child Maintenance Service - family-based arrangements

  1. When child maintenance payments stop

    Child maintenance payments usually stop when the child reaches 16 - but there are situations in which they'll stop sooner

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  2. Child maintenance if one parent lives abroad

    What to do if you need to get child maintenance and one of you lives abroad

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