1. Overview

To travel overseas, you must renew your passport and send additional documents with your application if you change:

  • your name - by marriage, civil partnership, deed poll, go back to your maiden name or add middle names
  • gender - even if your name remains the same
  • how you spell your name, eg changing from Brian to Bryan

You get up to 9 months’ extra time on a new passport to cover time left on your old one.

Follow the process for renewing a passport - but send the appropriate documents with your application.

When you don’t need to get a new passport

You don’t need a new passport if you:

  • change your job, title, address or contact details
  • change your appearance, eg you grow a beard or dye your hair
  • emigrate
  • change your marital status but keep your name
  • get nationality of another country as well as your British nationality