Report a problem with your new BRP

If there’s a problem with your BRP when it arrives, report it within 10 days. Otherwise you may have to apply and pay for a replacement.

You can report online if your BRP does not arrive.

Mistakes in the length or conditions of your visa

If you applied for your visa from inside the UK, you can ask for an administrative review.

If your BRP expires on 31 December 2024

You do not need to tell UKVI if your BRP expires on 31 December 2024 but your immigration status (for example, your visa) allows you to stay longer.

You will not need a BRP from 1 January 2025. You’ll be able to prove your immigration status online, without a BRP.

UKVI will update their information on how to prove your immigration status in early 2024. You do not need to do anything and your immigration status will not be affected.

If you were sent more than one BRP

The BRP that was issued first is not valid. The issue dates are on the BRPs.

Cut the older BRP into pieces and post it to the Home Office. Make sure you cut through:

  • your personal details
  • the royal coat of arms
  • the gold biometric chip, if your card has one

Returns Unit
PO Box 195
BS20 1BT

Other problems with your BRP

You can report other problems with your BRP online, for example:

  • there’s a mistake on it, for example your name, gender or date of birth is wrong
  • your BRP was damaged when it arrived

If your name is long it may appear ‘cut off’ on your BRP. This is not a mistake - it is because there is limited space on the BRP card. However, if there’s a spelling mistake, you must report it.

Report a problem with your BRP online

You’ll need to have the following:

  • your BRP number
  • your full name, date of birth and nationality as they appear on your BRP
  • an email or postal address

You can get someone to report the problem for you, for example a legal representative, a charity, employer, college or university.

The Home Office will email you to tell you what to do next. You will usually get a response within 5 working days. It’ll take longer if you do not give an email address. There are other ways to prove your immigration status if you cannot use your BRP.

Report a problem

If there is a problem with your BRP and you need to leave and re-enter the UK, apply for a ‘replacement BRP visa’. This will let you re-enter the UK once only. It costs £154.