Driver CPC part 3 test: driving ability

Depending on the date of your test appointment, you will either:

  • take part 3 as a single test
  • take part 3 as 2 separate tests (part 3a and part 3b)

If you take your test on or before 28 November 2021

You will take a single Driver CPC part 3 test.

Book your test with DVSA.

If you take your test on or after 29 November 2021

You will need to book and take your test in 2 parts. Find out more and book your:

If your single part 3 test appointment is on or after 29 November 2021

Your appointment will be changed to the new Driver CPC part 3b (on-road driving) test.

Your appointment time will change. You will either:

  • get an email from DVSA with the new appointment time
  • need to ask your trainer to check the new time if they booked the test for you

You must book and pass a Driver CPC part 3a test before you take your part 3b test.

If you cannot find a Driver CPC part 3a test appointment before your part 3b test date, you’ll need to move your part 3b test to a later date.

If you’re taking a single Driver CPC part 3 test

What to take to your test

You must bring a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or a bus or coach that meets the rules.

You must bring a face covering, unless you have a good reason not to wear one.

You must also bring one of the following:

  • a Great Britain photocard driving licence
  • a Northern Ireland photocard driving licence and paper counterpart
  • an EU photocard driving licence (and paper counterpart, if you have one)

If you do not have a photocard driving licence, bring your paper licence and a valid passport.

Your test will be cancelled and you’ll lose your fee if you do not bring these.

Wearing a face covering

You must wear a face covering for your test, unless you have a good reason not to. Good reasons are things like:

  • having a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability
  • wearing it would cause you severe distress

You need to say if you have a good reason not to wear a face covering when you book your test.

You can take it off during your test if you need to avoid harm or injury.

Your test will be cancelled if you come for your test without a face covering and you did not say that you could not wear one when you booked it.

Taking a coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow test before your driving test

You can choose to take a rapid lateral flow test in the 48 hours before your driving test if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Find out how to:

When you must not go to your test

You must not go to your test if either:

Find out about:

How the single part 3 test works

Your practical test will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes:

  • vehicle safety questions
  • practical road driving
  • off-road exercises

Vehicle safety questions

During your test you’ll be asked vehicle safety questions on either:

Practical road driving

During your practical road driving, the examiner will see how you:

  • use the vehicle controls
  • move away at an angle, uphill and downhill
  • do a controlled stop
  • use the mirrors
  • give appropriate signals
  • show awareness and anticipation of other road users’ intentions
  • manage your progress and control your vehicle speed
  • deal with hazards
  • select a safe place to stop

There will also be 10 minutes of independent driving, designed to test your ability to drive safely while making independent decisions.

Off-road exercises

The off-road exercises will include:

  • an ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay
  • showing the uncoupling and recoupling procedure if you’re taking a test with a trailer

During the test

You can carry on if you make a mistake during your driving test.

If you make a mistake which means you’ve failed, your driving examiner will direct you back to the driving test centre. The test will end early.

Test result

After you’ve taken the practical test your examiner will tell you if you’ve passed and explain how you did.

You’ll pass your test if you make:

  • 15 or fewer driving faults
  • no serious or dangerous faults

If you fail, you can book another driving test straight away, but you cannot take it for another 3 clear working days.

Cancelled tests

You can apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses if the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cancels your test at short notice.