1. Employing people in your home

Anyone who works in a private home is treated as an employee if they only work for one family, except for au pairs.

This includes nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, a personal assistant helping you with care and support and anyone else working for one family or person. You’re their employer if you hire them.

The employee must:

They’re also entitled to employment-related benefits, if they meet the eligibility requirements. These include:

Tax and employing people at home

The employer must:

The employer is responsible for paying:

  • the employee’s National Insurance contributions
  • the employee’s Income Tax contributions
  • statutory benefits (eg maternity pay and sick pay)

There are also rules around:

Employers can’t ask their employees to become self-employed.


Nannies and other people working in your home can be self-employed if they work for more than one person or family.

They’ll have to:

Self-employed people have different employment rights from employees.