Agricultural workers' rights

Changes to employment terms and conditions

From 1 October 2013, the terms and conditions changed for agricultural and horticultural workers in England who begin new jobs. This includes workers supplied by a gangmaster.

Employment started on or after 1 October 2013

Workers must receive at least:

Employment started before 1 October 2013

Workers, including those supplied by a gangmaster, are still entitled to the terms and conditions of their contract.

For example, this might mean workers are entitled to overtime rates, agricultural sick pay and dog allowance. Where accommodation is provided in a contract, workers can continue living in that accommodation.

These entitlements and any other terms and conditions already agreed will continue to apply unless the contract is changed by mutual agreement or it finishes.

Workers must always be paid at least the appropriate National Minimum Wage. A worker’s rate must be raised if it ever falls below the minimum.

Enforcement of workers’ rights

Workers should contact the Acas helpline if they’re concerned that they’re not working under the right terms and conditions.


There is no change in terms and conditions for workers in Wales after 1 October 2013.

Workers should contact the Sustainable Land Management Branch if they’re concerned they’re not working under the correct terms and conditions.

Sustainable Land Management Branch
0300 062 2298

Sustainable Land Management Branch
Welsh government
Rhodfa Padarn
Llanbadarn Fawr
SY23 3UR