Speed limits and traffic cameras

Speed limits and exemptions for different types of vehicles and roads, enforcement, fines and traffic cameras.


  1. Speed limits

    A limit of 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometres per hour usually applies to all traffic on all roads with street lighting

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Setting local speed limits
  2. Using speed and red-light cameras for traffic enforcement: deployment, visibility and signing
  3. Local speed limit schemes: appraisal tool
  4. Speed cameras: publishing information
  5. Vehicle speed compliance statistics information
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News and communications

  1. Consultation on armoured vehicle speeds launched
  2. Farmers set to benefit from increase in tractor weights and speeds
  3. Agricultural tractor and trailer weight and speed limit regulations
  4. Smart motorways and enforcing variable speed limits
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Research and statistics

  1. 20 mph speed limits on roads
  2. Vehicle speed compliance statistics: data tables (SPE)
  3. Vehicle speed compliance: tables index
  4. Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: 2017
  5. Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: 2016
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. M6 junction 16 to 19: introducing variable speed limits
  2. Military armoured track laying vehicles: increasing speed limits
  3. M1 junction 19 to junction 16 smart motorway variable speed limits
  4. M1 junctions 31 to 32: variable speed limits
  5. Improving Beaconsfield town centre for cyclists and pedestrians
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. M25 Speed Cameras
  2. A1 Beeston speed cameras
  3. Average speed M3 smart motorway
  4. Average speed cameras on the M3 between junction 1 and junction 3
  5. Speed cameras on the A282
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