Safe and compliant operation of vessels

Safety standards and advice for vessel operators.


  1. e-Application for UK compulsory insurance certificate (MSF 3241)

    Ship owners' form for electronic email applications to MCA for certification of evidence of bunker, tanker or passenger liability insurance.

  2. The CERS Workbook

    Vessels and shipping agents should use the CERS Workbook to provide the information needed to the port authority.

  3. Request to pay by credit card (CLC) (MSF 5187)

    Form for ship owners and operators to use when applying to pay by credit card for MCA certification of civil liability certificates.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. MGN 280 (M) Construction standards for small vessels in sport use
  2. Workboat Code
  3. MGN 71 Muster, drill, onboard training, decision support system
  4. LY3: the large commercial yacht code
  5. MGN 560 Servicing, testing, drilling of Lifeboats, Rescue boats
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News and communications

  1. Foreign flagged ships detained in the UK during June 2018
  2. Canal boat company fined after operating unlicensed vessels
  3. Outcome of the review of the Merchant Shipping (ship-to-ship transfers) Regulations 2010
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Consultation on the Merchant Shipping (Safety of Navigation) Regulations
  2. Consultation on the impact assessment for the Merchant Shipping (Bridge Visibility Regulations) (Small Passenger Ships)
  3. Consultation post implementation review MLC, survey and certification regulations 2013
  4. Bridge visibility regulations small passenger ships 2017
  5. Two new marine guidance notes to replace MGN 430
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