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You must have the correct qualifications if you supervise any street works that involve:

  • breaking up the street, any sewer or drain
  • tunnelling under the street, any sewer or drain
  • boring under the street

However, you don’t require relevant qualifications or certification for supervising:

  • the replacing of poles, lamps, columns and signs
  • pole testing
  • works involving minimal breaking up of the street

You will be considered to have the relevant qualifications if you have a certificate of competence from an approved body. This certificate shows that you have achieved the relevant units of competence for the work you are supervising.

The approved bodies for issuing certificates of competence are:

To get a certificate of competence, you must hold certification for the following areas:

  • location and avoidance of underground apparatus
  • monitoring signing, lighting and guarding, and excavation in the highway
  • monitoring reinstatement and compaction of various types of road construction materials

As well as the certificate of competence, you must also be able to show your practical competence in the above areas.

Alternatively, you can have a qualification from another member state of the European Community which gives an equivalent guarantee of skill and competence.

You must also register your Certificate of Competence with the Street Works Qualification Register (SWQR). The SQWR will then provide a plastic photo identification card to show you have the requisite qualifications.

A registration is valid for 5 years. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you can re-register by contacting the registration body within 3 months of the expiry of the previous registration. To reregister in England, you must undertake a re-assessment of your held qualifications.