Simple Payment is a way for people who don’t have an account to collect benefit, pension or child maintenance payments. They’re only available in very limited circumstances.

How to get your money

You’ll be given a Simple Payment card. Take it to a PayPoint outlet displaying the Simple Payment sign - you can collect your payment there.

PayPoint outlets can be found in your local newsagents, convenience stores or supermarkets - find a Simple Payment point near you.

To collect a payment, show your card and confirm your memorable date. You’ll need to show some original documents as proof of your identity - copies are not acceptable.

You could use a:

  • valid UK photo or paper driving licence
  • current passport
  • current gas, electricity, water or landline phone bill (less than 3 months old)

The full list of identity documents you can use is on page 5 of the ‘Questions about your Simple Payment card’ leaflet.

Getting someone else to collect your money

If you want someone else to collect your money and the same person always collects payments for you, they can get their own Simple Payment card. To collect your money they’ll need to:

  • show their own card
  • confirm their memorable date
  • show their own proof of identity

If different people collect payments for you, you’ll have to give them your Simple Payment card to use each time. You’ll also need to give them your memorable date. They’ll have to show your proof of identity and their own.

There’s more information about getting someone else to collect your payments on page 8 of the ‘Questions about your Simple Payment card’ leaflet.

If you lose your Simple Payment card

Call 0800 032 5872 if this happens. Lines are open 24 hours a day. Find out about call charges.

Your card will be blocked and you’ll be sent a new one. You won’t miss out on any of your payments.

Depending on your circumstances, you might also be able to get immediate access to your payment if you need to.

Help and advice

Contact the Simple Payment helpline for more help and advice.

Simple Payment helpline
Telephone: 0845 600 0046
Textphone: 0800 032 5864
Find out about call charges