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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

  1. Exchange of driving licences issued in the Cayman Islands

    This consultation seeks your views on allowing drivers who hold a licence to drive cars and light motorcycles which was issued originally in the Cayman Islands to exchange it for a British equivalent, if the driver becomes r…

  2. Revised transitional arrangements where rights to vehicle registration numbers held on a certificate have expired

    The consultation sets out and seeks the views on the terms of a revised transitional scheme for repurchasing the rights to expired certificates of entitlement for personalised vehicle registration numbers.

  3. Transitional arrangements where vehicle registration numbers held on a certificate have expired

    We are seeking views from personalised registration number dealers and respective trade associations on the management of expired personalised registration numbers.

  4. Motoring services strategy: a strategic direction 2016 to 2020

    Seeks views on the strategic direction of the Department for Transport’s motoring services agencies over the life of this Parliament.

  5. Amendments to UK law to ensure compliance with the third European Commission (EC) Driving Licence Directive 2006/126/EC

    This proposal is to introduce an offence for anyone discovered to be holding more than one EU/EEA driving licence at any one time as per the Third European Directive.

  6. Exchange of large bus and lorry driving licences issued in Switzerland

    The proposal is to allow drivers who hold a licence to drive large vehicles issued in Switzerland to exchange it for a British equivalent.

  7. Proposals to comply with European Driving Licence Directives (2006/126/EC)

    As a result of new EU definitions and standards to be implemented by December 2014, DVLA must change the law to remove some exemptions to the rules that cover driving licences.

  8. Vehicle online services

    DVLA developing an online service in addition to the paper channel giving motorists further options to notify changes to their vehicle record electronically.

  9. Future of vehicle registration and licensing services in Northern Ireland

    This consultation outlined proposals to harmonise vehicle registration and licensing services in Northern Ireland with those in Great Britain so that all customers could benefit from the provision of the same modern electron…

  10. Reducing driving licence fees

    A proposal to reduce driving licence fees for first time applicants, 10 year renewals and for smart tachograph users.

  11. Extending the validity period of medically restricted licences

    This consultation seeks views on whether the validity period for group 1 driving licences (cars and motorcycles) issued by DVLA following medical assessment should be increased from the current 1, 2 or 3 years to up to 10 ye…

  12. Motorcycle, lorry and bus driving licences and driving test rules

    Give your views on changes to motorcycle, lorry and bus driving licences and driving test vehicle rules.

  13. Proposal to increase fee income to pay for driving licence services

    A consultation based on a review of DVLA's current fee structure.

  14. Remove the insurance check when taxing a vehicle

    A proposal to remove the current check for a valid insurance policy at the point where an application is made to tax a vehicle.

  15. Transforming DVLA services

    This consultation is about DVLA’s plan to move away from a largely paper-based organisation to a modern, highly efficient, electronic business.

  16. Motoring services strategy

    Seeking views on reforms which will put customers and businesses closer to the heart of the 4 motoring services agencies.

    First published during the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government