4. Update or correct the register

You must tell HM Land Registry if anything in the register changes or it is incorrect.

Update or correct contact addresses

You can register up to 3 addresses (including email and non-UK addresses) with HM Land Registry for each property.

To change your contact details or those of other owners or agents send a request to update registered owners’ contact address.

Change your name

You must send HM Land Registry an application to change the register when you change your name.

You must also send one of the following:

  • an official or certified copy of a certificate showing the name change, such as a marriage, civil partnership or gender recognition certificate
  • a copy of a deed poll
  • a statement of truth
  • a statutory declaration - sworn before someone able to take oaths, such as a solicitor

If you send a deed poll, statement of truth or statutory declaration, and you’re not using a conveyancer, you also need to send:

  • a confirmation of identity in your new name
  • a copy of an official document in your former name, such as a passport, driver’s licence or utility bill

HM Land Registry will return any official certificates you send.

Return to your original surname

To return to your original surname after a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership send HM Land Registry:

HM Land Registry will let you know if they need more information.

Mortgage completion

You must tell HM Land Registry if a mortgage on a registered property is paid off (‘discharged’).

Usually your mortgage lender will do this for you automatically but they may send you a completed ‘cancellation of charges’ form.

Once you have this, fill in an application to ‘cancel entries relating to a charge’ and a confirmation of identity form.

Send all forms to the Citizen Centre.

HM Land Registry will update your details and tell you that the register has been updated.

Other changes

Transfer ownership of your property if you’ve:

  • sold it
  • divorced or separated and want to remove an owner
  • married and want to add an owner
  • given the property away

Send your requests

Send completed forms to the HM Land Registry Citizen Centre.

HM Land Registry
Citizen Centre
PO Box 74
GL14 9BB

If you’re sending a gender recognition certificate, write “Private and confidential” on the envelope.