Register land with the Rural Land Register

Who can register

Customer registration

You need to register as a customer with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) before you register your land. You’ll need to tell them:

  • the name and address of your business
  • who is legally responsible for your business
  • the address of your land, including the grid reference or postcode
  • who your main contact person should be and what powers they should have

The main contact person can be yourself, a person legally responsible for your business or someone independent (an agent).

You can give an agent full powers (empowerment) to deal with your land registration or partial powers (for example, they can access information but not change it).

The Rural Payments Agency has produced a leaflet about the different levels of empowerment you can give your contact person.

Call the RPA to give this information for the first time or change existing contact details for your business.

Rural Payments Agency
Telephone: 0300 020 0301
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

You’ll receive a Single Business Identifier for your business, and each person will get a Personal Identifier. You’ll need these to register your land.

Landlords and tenants

Either the landlord or the tenant can register land on the Rural Land Register, but the land can only be registered once.

However, it’s possible for the landlord to claim funds under one land scheme and their tenant to claim under another.