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If you keep 50 or more poultry at a single premises in Scotland, those premises must be registered on the Great Britain (GB) Poultry Register within 1 month of the date from which you first took possession of the birds.

The GB Poultry Register is maintained by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government to gather essential information about poultry premises for the purposes of risk assessment, disease prevention and control.

How to apply

You can either register online - you’ll need to set up a user account - or complete a paper registration form and return it to the Poultry Register (the address is on the form).

You don’t need to pay a registration fee.

The species of poultry that must be registered are:

  • chickens (including bantams)
  • turkeys
  • ducks
  • geese
  • partridges
  • quail
  • pheasants
  • pigeons (reared for meat)
  • guinea fowl
  • ostriches
  • emus, rheas and cassowaries (usually kept in zoos)

The requirement to register applies whether the 50 poultry are all of a single species or a combination of these species, and whether the premises are only usually stocked to this level for part of the year.

When registering, you will need to provide the following information:

  • your name and contact details
  • details of the owner (if different)
  • details of the premises (including County Parish Holding number)
  • details of all poultry species held on the premises
  • specific information about each species stocked - eg reason for rearing poultry and the type of housing in which they are kept
  • whether the premises is a commercial hatchery
  • details of stocking variations, conditions in which the birds are kept etc for disease control purposes
  • whether you belong to an assurance scheme


If you keep game birds, note that the information supplied should only relate to captive birds and those still under your control. Released birds that remain on your premises - eg in a woodland area - should not be counted.

If you keep large numbers of poultry and it is difficult to account for each bird, you may provide estimates based on your written records to within 10% accuracy.

If you keep poultry on more than one premises, you must register each location on a separate form.

You must keep the register up to date with any significant changes to your details within one month of that change taking place.

If you keep large poultry flocks you may also have to apply to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for a Part A pollution prevention and control (PPC) permit.

Fines and penalties

You are committing an offence and may be fined up to £5,000 if you fail to register your premises when required to do so.