Selling or giving away a park home


The park owner gets up to 10% of the selling price (known as a ‘commission’) when you sell your home.

You’ll need to:

  • give the buyer certain information - for example about the commission and pitch fees
  • tell the park owner about the sale
  • assign (transfer) the pitch agreement to the new owner
  • tell the buyer to fill in a ‘Notice of Assignment form’ so they can pay the commission to the park owner

You must fill in the correct form for park home buyers and sellers to sell your home.

Park homes do not need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The park owner may be able to object to you selling your home. They must apply to a tribunal.

Giving away

You have the right to ‘gift’ (give away) your park home and pass on your agreement to a family member. Use the ‘Notice of proposed gift form’ to send the park owner proof of how you’re related to the family member.

Inheritance rules

Anyone will be able to carry on the agreement when you die if they’re:

  • a family member living with you at the time you die
  • your husband, wife or civil partner

Someone who is not living with you or is not your husband, wife or civil partner will have to get approval from the park owner to live there.

Read detailed information on buying, selling or gifting your park (mobile) home.