Your rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations are listed in a written agreement with the park (or site) owner. This sets out:

  • your minimum legal rights and obligations, like your right to keep your park home on its pitch
  • the rules, charges and services

You have 28 days to review it before signing.

You still have rights and obligations as a park home resident even if you do not have a written agreement.

Park home owners have different rights and responsibilities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Keeping your home in good condition

You must:

  • repair your home when necessary
  • keep the outside of your home and pitch clean and tidy, including any fences or outbuildings that you own or use on your pitch

Site licence

Privately owned sites must have a licence from the local council. The park owner must clearly display the licence. It will usually have conditions for:

  • how many homes can be in the park
  • services and amenities
  • health and safety

Complain to the park owner about conditions in your park. Contact your local council if you cannot sort out the issue with the park owner.

You could be forced to leave if you live on a site without planning permission for residential use.