Residents’ associations

You can set up a ‘qualifying’ residents’ association to represent home owners in the mobile home park where you live.

Qualifying residents’ associations have certain rights and park owners should consult the residents’ association when they want to spend money on improvements or change how they run the park.

Park owners must give at least 28 days’ notice of any changes and take the association’s concerns into account before they make changes.

Setting up a qualifying residents’ association

Your association must include at least half of the home owners in your park. Residents who rent their homes cannot join.

You’ll have to keep certain records and documents, like:

  • an up-to-date list of members
  • a constitution
  • any other rules of the association

You’ll have to elect a:

  • chairman
  • secretary
  • treasurer

The chairman, secretary and treasurer can make administrative decisions. Members should vote on all other decisions.

You need to ask the park owner to ‘acknowledge’ your association. You can apply to a tribunal if they refuse. They can order the park owner to acknowledge your association.

Your association can continue to meet if it does not meet the qualifying conditions but the park owner will not have to talk to the association about park operations and management.