Low flying military aircraft

Where and when low flying happens

The UK is divided into 20 separate low flying areas.

Three of these areas are also known as ‘tactical training areas’. These are in:

  • central Wales
  • northern Scotland
  • the borders area of southern Scotland and northern England

Ministry of Defence (MOD) publishes a monthly timetable for the low flying tactical training areas and MOD sponsored air exercises.

Air weapons ranges

The Royal Air Force (RAF) currently uses 5 air weapons ranges. These are:

  • Donna Nook and Holbeach in Lincolnshire
  • Pembrey Sands in Carmarthenshire
  • Tain in Ross-shire
  • Cape Wrath in Sutherland

Air weapons ranges are used for:

  • low flying military aircraft
  • air to ground bombing

MOD publishes a monthly timetable for air weapons ranges activity. Red flags or lights, signs and sentries show when you can’t go onto an air weapons range.

You can also contact MOD about low flying in your area.