Legal aid: submit a claim

Use claim forms or claim online, eg using CCMS, to get paid for all aspects of legal aid work; find guidance and help with submissions.

How to claim: paper forms


Claim forms

Civil claim rates calculator

Civil certificated billing codes

Civil codes guidance

Civil controlled work

Claim forms


Crime claim forms

Find Crown Court litigator and advocate graduated fee schemes and claim forms.

How to claim: online

There are 4 ways to submit a claim online for legal aid work done:

Client and cost management system

If your case has been submitted online via the client and cost management system (CCMS), you must also submit your claim through CCMS. Paper evidence can be scanned and submitted through the system online or sent to:

Legal Aid Agency
(Document Scanning Centre)
PO Box 509
Sale M33 6RN

DX: 745770 Sale 11

If you have queries about your online claim made through CCMS, you can submit a case query through the system or use the following contacts.

For general queries contact your Contract Manager.

Email for casework queries:

Phone for casework queries: 0191 428 3701

Email for technical support:

Phone for technical support: 0203 334 6664

Further information and guidance is available on the CCMS website.

Contracted work and admin

Crown court litigator fee


Phone for online and new starter support: 0203 334 6664

Phone (civil): 0117 302 3133

Phone (crime): 0115 852 6000

Management Information

This is not a way to submit claims but a web-based way to access, view and print financial statements using LAA online. To register and use this service, go to Management Information (MI).

What to do next

When you’ve filled in the forms and collected the right paperwork, it’s worth making use of the checklists to ensure your claim is processed quickly.

Unsigned, undated and incomplete forms are a common reason for rejection, as are forms sent to the incorrect address.

If you applied online through CCMS, you will be immediately prompted if you did not complete your claim correctly.

Where to send your forms


Email (including CWA and CCLF):

Post civil claim forms to:

Berkley Way
Viking Business Park
Jarrow NE31 1SF

DX: 742 350 Jarrow 2

Phone: 0300 200 2020

For VHCC email:


Post crime forms to:

Fothergill House
2nd floor, 16 King Street


Controlled work


Post controlled work forms to:

Mental Health Unit/Immigration and Asylum
Controlled Work and Escaped Fee Claims
Legal Aid Agency
Level 6, The Capital
Union Street
Liverpool L3 9AF

Phone: 0151 235 6750

24-hour response and rejected claims

For advocate graduated fee schemes:


For litigator graduated fee schemes:


If any claim has been rejected but you think the LAA has made a mistake, email for a 24-hour response.