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Legal aid: crime claim forms

Forms, guidance and checklists for you to submit a claim for payment on a criminal legal aid matter.


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Claim forms

The links include available guidance and checklists for the specified form. Links include related forms (eg CRM18 includes CRM18a).

  1. AF1: claim for advocate graduated fees

    • Form
  2. AF2: advocate graduated fee redetermination form

    • Form
  3. CRM7: non-standard fee magistrates' court claim and appeal form

    • Form
  4. CRM8: assigned counsel's fee note

    • Form
  5. CRM11: generic costs claim sheet

    • Form
  6. CRM18: escape fee case claim form (crime)

    • Form
  7. LAC1: committal form for directed Crown Court cases

    • Form
  8. Apply for judicial apportionment of costs

    • Form


For cases under the Litigator Graduated Fee Schemes, you’ll need these litigator fee guidance and claim forms (LF1 and LF2).

Send all crime work to:

Fothergill House
2nd Floor
16 King Street
Nottingham NG1 2AS


Virtual courts claim form

  1. Virtual courts claim form

    • Form