Right to Manage and management disputes

You may be able to change the management of your building if you’re unhappy with the way it’s being run and you live in a leasehold flat. You can either:

  • apply to a tribunal to ask them to appoint a new manager
  • take over the management responsibilities, known as your ‘Right to Manage’

Appoint a new manager

You must prove bad management if you want to appoint a new manager, for example:

  • you have to pay unreasonable service charges
  • the landlord has not complied with an approved code of management practice

Apply to a tribunal in England, or the Leasehold Valuation Tribunals in Wales.

You can only apply to the tribunal if you’ve sent the landlord a ‘Section 22 notice’ - this gives them a chance to fix the problems. Contact Leasehold Advisory Service for advice.

Right to Manage

The Right to Manage lets you and the other leaseholders take over certain management responsibilities from the landlord without having to prove bad management.

You’ll need to find out if you qualify - contact Leasehold Advisory Service for advice.

You and the other leaseholders can manage the building yourselves or pay a managing agent to do it.