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HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

Relevant property trusts: contents

  1. IHTM42001
  2. IHTM42002
    Introduction: Summary guide for training
  3. IHTM42010
    Introduction: Notification of chargeable events
  4. IHTM42011
    Introduction: Practice with IHT100
Chargeable events
  1. IHTM42070
    Chargeable events
  2. IHTM42075
    Chargeable events: Set up and additions by settlor
Ten year anniversary (principal charge)
  1. IHTM42081
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Introduction
  2. IHTM42082
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Values required (flowchart)
  3. IHTM42083
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Rate and tax calculations (flowchart)
  4. IHTM42084
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Rate of tax
  5. IHTM42085
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): The deemed transfer for rate
  6. IHTM42086
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Previous cumulative transfers for rate
  7. IHTM42087
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Calculating the rate
  8. IHTM42088
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Assets that have been relevant property for less than the full 10 years
  9. IHTM42089
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Relief for double charges
  10. IHTM42090
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): Adjusting settlor’s PLCT where there are additions before the first TYA
  11. IHTM42091
    Ten year anniversary (principal charge): No date before 1 April 1983 is a TYA
Proportionate charges
  1. IHTM42110
    Proportionate charges: Introduction
  2. IHTM42111
    Proportionate charges: Chargeable transfer
  3. IHTM42112
    Proportionate charges: Rate before first TYA (flowchart)
  4. IHTM42113
    Proportionate charges: Calculation of tax before first TYA (flowchart)
  5. IHTM42114
    Proportionate charges: Calculation of rate before first TYA
  6. IHTM42115
    Proportionate charges: Rate between ten year anniversaries
  7. IHTM42116
    Proportionate charges: ‘Appropriate fraction’ reduction for number of complete quarters
  8. IHTM42117
    Proportionate charges: Excluded periods
  9. IHTM42118
    Proportionate charges: Grossing
  10. IHTM42119
    Proportionate charges: Loss to the settlement basis of valuation
Trusts made before 27 March 1974
  1. IHTM42130
    Trusts made before 27 March 1974
Assessing and enquiries
  1. IHTM42140
    Assessing and enquiries: Assessing
  2. IHTM42141
    Assessing and enquiries: Enquiries and ERS
Relevant property
  1. IHTM42161
    Relevant property: Introduction
  2. IHTM42162
    Relevant property: Capital and income
  3. IHTM42163
    Relevant property: CGT and IT deductions
  4. IHTM42164
    Relevant property: Inheritance tax deductions
  5. IHTM42165
    Relevant property: AR and BR
  6. IHTM42166
    Relevant property: Treatment of income after 6 April 2014
The settlement
  1. IHTM42221
    The settlement: Starting date
  2. IHTM42222
    The settlement: Rights and powers under the trust
  3. IHTM42223
    The settlement: Powers of appointment
  4. IHTM42224
    The settlement: Powers of accumulation
  5. IHTM42225
    The settlement: Non-income producing assets
  6. IHTM42226
    The settlement: Class of beneficiary
  7. IHTM42227
    The settlement: Variations of discretionary trusts in wills (S144)
  8. IHTM42228
    The settlement: Discretionary trusts set up by IOV (S142)
  9. IHTM42229
    The settlement: Property moving from one trust to another
  10. IHTM42230
    The settlement: Related trusts
  11. IHTM42231
    The settlement: Initial IIP of settlor or spouse
  12. IHTM42232
    The settlement: One or more trust?
  1. IHTM42240
The settlor
  1. IHTM42251
    The settlor: Who is the settlor
  2. IHTM42252
    The settlor: Charge on the settlor
  3. IHTM42253
    The settlor: More than one settlor
  4. IHTM42254
    The settlor: GWRs
  5. IHTM42255
    The settlor: Settlor's PLCT
Foreign element
  1. IHTM42601
    Foreign element: Practice
  2. IHTM42602
    Foreign element: Foreign (excluded) property
  3. IHTM42603
    Foreign element: Double test of domicile in artificial situations
  4. IHTM42604
    Foreign element: Offshore trust declaration S218
Other taxes and investigation
  1. IHTM42640
    Other taxes and investigation: Income Tax and CGT on the trust
  2. IHTM42641
    Other taxes and investigation: Liaison with other HMRC offices
  3. IHTM42650
    Other taxes and investigation: Heritage
  4. IHTM42660
    Other taxes and investigation: Unquoted shares
  5. IHTM42700
    Other taxes and investigation: Scottish Law issues
  6. IHTM42720
    Other taxes and investigation: Avoidance schemes
Special trusts
  1. IHTM42801
    Special trusts: Summary
  2. IHTM42802
    Special trusts: Flat rate charge
  3. IHTM42803
    Special trusts: Temporary charitable trusts
  4. IHTM42804
    Special trusts: Protective trusts
  5. IHTM42805
    Special trusts: Trusts for disabled persons
  6. IHTM42806
    Special trusts: Employee trusts and newspaper trusts
  7. IHTM42807
    Special trusts: Accumulation and maintenance trusts (A&M)
  8. IHTM42808
    Special trusts: Treatment of existing A&M trusts after 6 April 2008
  9. IHTM42808
    Special trusts: Treatment of existing A&M trusts after 6 April 2008
  10. IHTM42809
    Special trusts: 25 year test for A&M trusts
  11. IHTM42810
    Special trusts: Life policies in A&M trusts
  12. IHTM42811
    Special trusts: Charitable, political and Heritage trusts
  13. IHTM42812
    Special trusts: Pension funds
  14. IHTM42813
    Special trusts: Compensation funds
  15. IHTM42814
    Special trusts: Excluded property
  16. IHTM42815
    Special trusts: Trusts for bereaved minors
  17. IHTM42816
    Special trusts: Age 18 to 25 trusts
Employee benefit trusts
  1. IHTM42900
    Employee benefit trusts: contents