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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Pre-enforcement: coding out: class 2 NIC debts: contents

  1. DMBM618605
    General - computer access for DMB staff
  2. DMBM618610
    General - key dates
  3. DMBM618620
    Prior to coding out - payment request and CA0311
  4. DMBM618621
    Taxpayer wants to make payment in full
  5. DMBM618622
    Payments by direct debit and credit or debit card
  6. DMBM618623
    Dishonoured cheques
  7. DMBM618630
    Debts become time-barred
  8. DMBM618640
    Coding out selection
  9. DMBM618641
    Taxpayer with other coded out debts
  10. DMBM618650
    NPS(PAYE) coding check
  11. DMBM618660
    Debts not suitable for coding out
  12. DMBM618670
    Debts accepted for coding out
  13. DMBM618680
    Debts rejected for coding out
  14. DMBM618690
    Changes to the debt once it has been accepted for coding out
  15. DMBM618700
    Change of circumstance on NPS(NI) record means the debt can no longer be coded out
  16. DMBM618710
    NPS(PAYE) coding run
  17. DMBM618720
    If the debt can no longer be coded out
  18. DMBM618730
    Debt accepted for coding
  19. DMBM618731
  20. DMBM618740
    Manual adjustments to the amount coded
  21. DMBM618741
    Reduction to the coded out debt between selecting the debt and the coding run taking place
  22. DMBM618742
    Reduction to the coded out debt after the coding run and during the tax year of collection
  23. DMBM618743
    Increases to the coded out debt
  24. DMBM618744
    How to identify cases on NPS(NI) where the debt details have been sent to IDMS
  25. DMBM618750
    NPS(PAYE) and end-of-year reconciliation
  26. DMBM618760
    Effective Date of Payment (EDP)
  27. DMBM618770
    Automatic allocation of payments
  28. DMBM618780
    IDMS reference
  29. DMBM618781
    IDMS posting types
  30. DMBM618782
    IDMS functions
  31. DMBM618783
    IDMS exceptions
  32. DMBM618784
    IDMS next action codes
  33. DMBM618785
    IDMS create and amend IDMS work items
  34. DMBM618786
    IDMS debts linked with coded out debts
  35. DMBM618790
    Updates from NPS(NI) to IDMS - debt
  36. DMBM618791
    Updates from NPS(NI) to IDMS – designatory data
  37. DMBM618792
    Welsh language cases
  38. DMBM618793
    Deceased taxpayers
  39. DMBM618800
    Impact on benefits
  40. DMBM618810
    Impacts on Higher Rate Provision (HRP)
  41. DMBM618820
    DMB campaigns
  42. DMBM618821
    Debt Management Telephone Centre (DMTC)
  43. DMBM618822
    Debt Market Integrator Operations Team (DMIOT)
  44. DMBM618823
    Debt Technical Office (DTO)
  45. DMBM618830
    Taxpayer requests Time To Pay (TTP)
  46. DMBM618831
    National Direct Debit System (NDDS)
  47. DMBM618832
    Instalment Arrangement (IA) function and taxpayers who default
  48. DMBM618840
    Remissions and write-offs
  49. DMBM618850
    Secure and sensitive cases
  50. DMBM618860
    County Court Proceedings (CCP)
  51. DMBM618870
    Enforcement Office
  52. DMBM618880
    Potential bankruptcy cases
  53. DMBM618890
    Infonet MIS
  54. DMBM618900
    Handling customer contact
  55. DMBM618901
    Taxpayer disputes debt
  56. DMBM618902
  57. DMBM618903
  58. DMBM618910