Water grants 2015: stone wall supplement – top wiring (BN13)

Eligibility and requirements for stone wall - top wiring supplement.

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Capital items for improving water quality are now available through the Mid Tier of Countryside Stewardship.

Farmers and other land managers can apply for water grants.

Read the accompanying guidance to find out more about Countryside Stewardship water grants 2015.

How much will be paid

£3.60 per metre.

Where the supplement is available

This supplement is available in Catchment Sensitive Farming target areas.

It can only be used on walls being rebuilt with the BN12 - Stone wall restoration item. It should be used to fill in the gap following the use of the RP2 - Gateway relocation item.

How this supplement will benefit the environment

This supplement will help to control livestock by installing a top wire on a stone wall.


Applicants must send dated photographs of the sections of wall to be restored with their application for this item.

How to install the timber posts

To install the timber posts:

  • use round timber posts with a top diameter of 75mm;
  • set the posts at centres no wider than 3m (for mild steel wire) or 10m (for high-tensile wire);
  • use posts long enough to enable the top wire to be fixed no more than 300mm above the top of the wall;
  • use timber that’s fully peeled and tanalised or treated with an appropriate preservative;
  • knock the posts into the ground and either set them leaning against the wall or set them alternately on opposite sides of the wall; and
  • secure the posts.

How to install the steel wire

To install the steel wire:

  • staple 2 lines of steel wire 200mm apart to the upright posts;
  • use 4mm diameter mild steel or 3.15mm diameter high tensile steel line wire; and
  • make sure the wire is properly strained and fastened with galvanised staples.

Keeping records

Successful applicants will need to keep:

  • consents, bank statements and receipted invoices associated with the work, and show them on request; and
  • dated photographs to show the work has been carried to specification (send these with any claim and show them on request).

This supplement can be used on the same wall as the following items:

Published 2 March 2015