Transferring and authorising F gas quota to another business

How a quota holder can transfer fluorinated gas (F gas) quota to another producer or importer, or authorise an importer or manufacturer of pre-charged equipment to use their quota.

If you’re an incumbent F gas quota holder you can transfer some of your quota to another producer or importer.

You cannot transfer:

  • any of your quota if you’re a new entrant (you did not put HFCs on the market between 2015 and 2016
  • additional quota you’ve applied for as an incumbent

You can authorise another company to use some or all of your quota to import or manufacture pre-charged equipment. If you’re a new entrant and you authorise another company to use your quota, you will need to demonstrate that you have physically supplied the corresponding amount of HFCs.

Import or manufacture equipment pre-charged with HFCs

To manufacture or import equipment containing HFCs, you must get sufficient HFC quota authorisations from a quota holder.

The quota holder must authorise you to use their quota.

If you’re an equipment manufacturer with a quota authorisation from a quota holder, you can delegate your quota authorisation to an F gas importer

Before you use quota authorisations, you must get a letter from the quota holder:

  • authorising you to use the HFCs
  • confirming that they won’t put those HFCs on the market

You must write a declaration of conformity. This is to certify that the HFCs in the equipment are covered by a quota.

You’ll need to show your declaration of conformity to a verifier when asked.

You don’t need quota authorisations to import:

  • HFC-free models of refrigeration, air conditioning and other equipment which use, for example, hydrocarbons
  • equipment that is ‘empty’ of HFCs, but with a holding charge such as nitrogen - you can charge the equipment with HFCs you have bought in the UK and which are accounted for in the quota system


You must label ‘empty’ equipment correctly.

Product bans

Equipment you place on the market must comply with product bans.

It is against the law to import pre-charged products or equipment if you do not have enough quota authorisations. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law. For further information, see the Environment Agency enforcement sanctions policy

Published 9 September 2019