Trading and moving between Northern Ireland and Ireland in a no-deal Brexit

How to prepare if you trade goods or move between Northern Ireland and Ireland in a no-deal Brexit.

If you’re in Ireland, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides information on how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

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The UK will leave the EU on 31 October. This page tells you how to prepare for Brexit. It will be updated if anything changes, including if a deal is agreed.

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Before you move or trade goods

  1. Understand the customs procedures for goods moving between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

  2. Check the guidance on VAT on goods you move across the border.

  3. Read the guidance explaining changes for UK exporters to Ireland after Brexit.

Importing and exporting animals, plants, food and drink, and other controlled products

You’ll need to give notice to Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) if you trade in plants and plant products.

There are rules and procedures you’ll need to check for exporting:

Transporting goods, materials or people

If you’re a haulier, you can use your Community Licence for journeys:

  • to Ireland
  • through Ireland to other EU or EEA countries
  • through Ireland between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

If you operate vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating above 3.5 tonnes on international journeys, check the licences and permits you need.

Make sure any solid wood packaging meets the requirements for import and export.

Check what else you’ll need to drive in Ireland.

Crossing the border as a visitor

Travel to Ireland will not change, even if there’s no deal. You’ll continue to be able to travel and work there in the same way as before.

If you hold a UK driving licence and you’re going to drive in Ireland, you:

  • will not need an International Driving Permit
  • will need a motor insurance Green Card
  • should display a GB sticker on the left hand side of your number plate

Find out more about driving in the EU after Brexit.

If you’re an Irish citizen, you’ll be able to visit, work and study in the UK without a visa. If you live in Ireland but you’re not an Irish citizen, be aware of what you’ll need to do to visit the UK, including if you’ll need to apply for a visa.

DAERA provides information about what you’ll need to do for travelling across the border with your pet.

How services will be affected

If you live or work in a border area, check our guidance about ‘inadvertent roaming’ mobile signal and how it could affect you.

Read about Irish rules and regulations for providing services if you’re a business in a no-deal Brexit.

Moving to, working or living in Ireland

Read guidance about moving to and living in Ireland, including:

  • no-deal Brexit guidance
  • residency
  • healthcare
  • driving

Further information and help and support

All the information provided here is meant for guidance only and you should consider whether you need separate professional advice on how these arrangements could affect your business.

We’ve also produced a series of videos about trading with the EU in a no-deal Brexit.

Prepare your business or organisation for the UK leaving the EU.

Published 1 January 2019