The Pig Carcase Grading Scheme: keep records

How to prove your abattoir is complying with the Pig Carcase Grading Scheme.

Applies to England and Wales

Abattoirs that have to comply with the Pig Carcase Grading Scheme must keep records proving they’ve kept to the rules.

What to record

As a minimum, you must keep the following records for each carcase:

  • the results of the classification
  • the approval number of the abattoir
  • the kill or slaughter number of the animal from which the carcase was obtained, as allocated by the operator
  • the date of slaughter
  • the warm weight of the carcase together with a note of:
    • any adjustment made for cold carcase weight
    • any coefficient applied
  • the lean meat percentage of the carcase
  • an indication as to whether the tongue, flare fat, kidneys or diaphragm were attached or removed
  • the name and signature of the person who carried out the classification

How long to keep the records

You must keep your records for 12 calendar months from the end of the calendar year in which you made them.

Published 31 March 2014