The Pig Carcase Grading Scheme: inspections

Information for abattoirs on what to expect during inspections for the Pig Carcase Grading Scheme.

Inspectors from the Livestock and Meat Inspectorate of the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will visit abattoirs obliged to comply with the Pig Carcase Grading Scheme.

They’ll visit at least twice every 3 months and won’t give advance notice of their visits.

What the inspector will do

The inspector will check that the abattoir is fully compliant with the scheme regulations.

They will:

  • re-weigh carcases to check you’ve recorded the weight accurately
  • inspect carcases to check they’re dressed according to the specification used and marked and/or documented correctly
  • use their own probe to check the meat has been correctly graded
  • inspect records to make sure you’re recording the right information and retaining them for the correct period of time

If the inspector finds any problems, they may make follow-up visits and RPA may take enforcement action against you for not complying with the pig carcase grading regulations.

What you must do

As an abattoir operator you must give inspectors all reasonable assistance and information needed to carry out the inspection.

You must make sure records are available for inspection.

You must not deny entry to your premises for an inspection or obstruct an inspector (including by giving false information). If you do, you’re committing an offence under Part 5 of the Beef and Pig Carcase Classification (England) Regulations 2010 or the Beef and Pig Carcase Classification (Wales) Regulations 2011, which could lead directly to prosecution, and a possible fine or imprisonment.

Published 31 March 2014