Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): children’s homes, including secure children’s homes

8. Types of inspection

The differences between full inspections, interim inspections and monitoring inspections.

We carry out the following types of inspection of children’s homes.

  • A full inspection is carried out usually at least once annually. This inspection is conducted against the evaluation criteria and will result in a set of graded judgements. The inspector will normally be on site for up to 2 days
  • An interim inspection is carried out for some children’s homes at least once annually. See frequency of inspections for more information. This inspection focuses on the effectiveness of the home and the experiences and progress of children since the most recent full inspection. The judgement will be made on a 3-point scale: improved effectiveness; sustained effectiveness; or declined in effectiveness. The inspector will normally be on site for one day

There are further specific inspections related to particular children’s homes.

If there is an incident, a complaint or concerns, we conduct a monitoring inspection. We may also carry out monitoring visits to review any building work, to ensure that the design and layout remains suitable for achieving the aims and objectives set out in the home’s statement of purpose or where we wish to gather information on a particular aspect of care or service provision or monitor specific issues or compliance with a notice.