Sell or lease property to someone connected to your charity

Use this form to apply for the Charity Commission’s consent to sell or lease property to someone connected to your charity.

This guidance was withdrawn on

This guidance is no longer current. Please see our guidance on disposing of charity land.

Applies to England and Wales

Before you start

Read about selling and leasing charity property.

You can’t use this form if you are the person to whom the property is to be sold or leased

What you will need to say on the form

You will need to have the following to hand:

  • name of the connected person or people and how they are connected with your charity
  • full explanation about why selling or leasing to this person is in the best interests of your charity
  • details of how the conflict of interest has been managed
  • qualified surveyor’s report in accordance with the regulations
  • description of the property
  • whether the property includes land designated for a particular purpose
  • details of any opposition to the proposal
Published 23 May 2013