Request a MHRA speaker at an event or conference

Every year MHRA receives requests for its staff to speak at conferences and other events across the world.

Complete the speaker request form if you want to request a MHRA speaker to present at your event or conference.

About MHRA speakers

Before accepting an invitation to speak, we consider the following:

  • if this speaking engagement is in line with our current business objectives
  • if MHRA is already planning to speak on this subject, including at an MHRA-organised event

We accept speaker requests only where the event would provide us with an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders that is not otherwise available

Financial compensation will be applicable to cover a speaker’s time. You will be required to accept our standard terms and conditions in order to submit a request.

All requests must be submitted via our online Speaker Request Form.

Speaker fees

To cover staff costs, we charge a standard speaker fee of £1,250 plus VAT and also to meet the speakers’ time, travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

MHRA will send an invoice for the speaker fee as soon as the speaking engagement has been confirmed. This must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.

Making a request

We encourage you to tell us if you would like a specific member of the MHRA team or if you would like someone with particular expertise, but be prepared to be flexible, as your first choice may not always be available. Don’t contact a speaker directly. Only use the speaker request form.

MHRA needs as much notice as possible when requesting a speaker. Four to six months advance notice is ideal. We will accept requests at shorter notice, but we are less likely to be able to provide you with suitable speakers.

We endeavour to get back to you within four weeks of the initial request, however in some cases the approval process may take up to six weeks.


Email any feedback to MHRA Customer Services Team at as this helps improve the service for other users.

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Published 13 October 2014

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