Product safety: support for local authorities

Resources for local regulators.

If you are responsible for consumer product safety, you need to share information about product risks with the Office for Product Safety and Standards. Resources available to you include operational support and advice and training opportunities.

Reporting and responding to risks

You must notify OPSS if you:

  • find a consumer product on the market which presents a serious risk (as determined by a risk assessment)
  • receive a notification under Regulation 9 of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (“GPSR”)
  • take action (including withdrawal or recall) to restrict the placing or availability on the market of a consumer product on the basis that it breaches the requirements of the GPSR

You should use the Product Safety Database to notify OPSS in respect of the above, and to notify products that are non-compliant with the relevant product safety legislation.

When submitting a notification, please ensure you attach all relevant documents, including images, risk assessments and test reports, where required. However, please note that you must only share personal data and other information on the database if you have the necessary consent or power to do so and acting in compliance with the law (including data protection and intellectual property law).

Read guidance on the notification of unsafe and noncompliant products

Read guidance on serious undesirable effect (SUE) and safeguarding notifications for cosmetics

Read guidance on the risk assessment of products that contain small, high-powered magnets

Product Safety Database

The Product Safety Database is a secure platform which enables local authorities and other market surveillance authorities to report and share product safety information and manage any resulting investigations.

Access the Product Safety Database

Each authority has a local administrator for the Product Safety Database. Please contact them if you need support accessing the database.

For further information on notifying OPSS, please visit the Product Safety Database where you will be able to find guidance, or for any additional queries, please contact

Reports are published as required on products posing a risk to the health and safety of consumers:

Product Recalls and Alerts

OPSS Incident Management Plan

Our Incident Management Plan sets out the procedure we follow when managing consumer product safety incidents, in conjunction with local authorities, business and government. It covers:

  • incident notification, definition and classification
  • procedures for routine and non-routine incidents
  • our engagement strategy
  • command and control arrangements

Product safety: incident management plan

Operational support and advice

The Office for Product Safety and Standards provides advice and support to help local authorities regulate consumer product safety. This can involve policy, intelligence, risk assessment, investigation, product testing, technical documentation assessment, and consumer engagement.

To make an enquiry please email:

Product safety: list of regulations

Product safety for businesses: A to Z of industry guidance

Various other resources for local regulators are available on Regulators’ Companion, including reports, templates and learning opportunities.

Product safety - Regulators’ Companion website

Primary Authority

As a supporting regulator, we help primary authorities to produce advice for their partner businesses and co-ordinators relating to consumer product safety, or to develop and manage relevant inspection plans.

To request this support, please complete and return: Primary Authority support request template and service standards

Training opportunities

Courses for local authority practitioners are designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with businesses and build consumer confidence in today’s challenging and evolving market place.

Product safety learning - Regulators’ Companion website

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