Product safety: RAPEX forms and guidance

Information for local regulators.

As the UK national contact point for the EU RAPEX IT system, the Office for Product Safety and Standards must be informed about products found on the market that are considered to pose a serious risk to consumers. Please use the forms below, which we can help you complete. We will process them and add UK alerts to RAPEX when required.

RAPEX notification form (XLSM, 65.8KB)

RAPEX reaction form (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 69.8KB)

Criteria for notification

For a product to be notified on RAPEX, it must:

  • be subject to a voluntary or compulsory measure (such as recall or withdrawal)
  • be considered to pose a serious risk to consumers under Article 12 of the GPSD
  • be found (or possibly found) in more than one EU member state
  • be possible for market surveillance authorities to distinguish it from similar products on the market due to its branding or other markings

If in doubt, contact the RAPEX Unit at the outset.


How to submit a notification form

  1. Search RAPEX to check whether the product is already notified. If it is, a UK reaction form should be submitted instead for measures taken on the UK market.

  2. Complete a RAPEX risk assessment to confirm the product poses a serious risk to consumers and save it as a PDF.

  3. Take clear photos of the product, packaging and all labelling against a light background, ensuring they are undated and nothing else is visible. Save them in JPG or PNG format, with a file size of no more than 2MB.

  4. If the product has a UK manufacturer, list the European distributors in a separate document, giving contact details in each case.

  5. Complete the notification form, providing as much information as possible. The text in the summary of test results box will be used on RAPEX, so please ensure it is similar to risk descriptions for products in the Weekly reports.

  6. Email the form to, attaching the:

  • RAPEX risk assessment
  • photos of the product, packaging and all labelling
  • list of European distributors if the product has a UK manufacturer   Where possible, also attach:

  • the test reports
  • any certificates of conformity
  • documents such as invoices giving full details of the economic operators identified
  • details of the voluntary or compulsory measure taken

Please ensure the maximum size limit of each attachment is 2MB.

When to use the reaction form

You should submit the reaction form for measures taken against notified products on RAPEX found within the UK, except for products that are subject to UK initiated alerts.

You should also submit the reaction form if your risk assessment of a UK notified product differs from that done by another EU or EEA member state.

Contact the RAPEX Unit


Telephone: 0121 345 1201 – ask for the RAPEX contact

Office for Product Safety and Standards
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
1 Victoria Street

Published 3 May 2019