Measures to support customers

How we are delivering our services and how long we take to process applications.

Applies to England and Wales

Increase to fees

Some of our land registration fees increased on Monday 31 January 2022. See Fees review 2021 to 2022 for more information.

Expedite an application (fast-track)

You can ask HM Land Registry to process your application urgently. The expedite process is available for applications where a delay would cause significant issues.

Processing times

Register queries

Register queries, such as official search and official copy applications, are operating as usual with many results available instantly. It takes 1 to 2 days if we need to manually handle an application. Searches of the index map can take 2 to 3 days.

Updates to the register

Applications to remove a mortgage are automated and returned within a day.

Over half of the remaining applications to update the register, such as changing a name or transferring a property title, take just over 4 weeks to complete, with most completed in just over 3 months. We know that in some instances these applications are taking just over 5 months to complete.

If you’ve received a request for information (requisition) it will take longer to process. In some instances applications with requests for information (requisitions) can take a few weeks longer to complete.

Complex changes and new entries

We complete over half of complex applications, such as first registrations, creating a new lease or transferring part of a property (transfer of part), in just under 10 months. We complete most in just over 13 months, but some might take a few months longer depending on the application.

Requests for information (requisitions) are common on complex changes, with additional information required from the applicant. In some instances applications with requisitions can take over 2 months longer to complete.

Note: All timelines are correct as of July 2022. The timelines reflect the average experience based on the previous month’s activity. When contacting HM Land Registry to discuss individual cases we give an estimated date reflecting when 90% of each application type are completed.

Contact HM Land Registry

You can send us a message or contact us by phone

Our guides answer many of the most common questions.

Business e-services customers can:

Changes to practice for conveyancers

Conveyancers can use practice guide 80 for information about the changes we’ve made to our practice.

Identity verification

You can verify your identity for land registration purposes with a wide range of professionals including medical doctors, police officers and teachers. This can be done by video conference. For more details, see Practice guide 67A: temporary changes to HM Land Registry’s evidence of identity requirements.

Land Charges applications

We have changed our practice to allow most Land Charges applications to be made by email, through attaching PDF copies of application forms and any supporting evidence. You must have a variable Direct Debit account to be able to do this. A new paragraph 6.1.3 has been added to practice guide 63. The change does not extend to those applications that can already be made through the portal or Business Gateway.

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Published 14 May 2020
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  1. We have updated our application processing times.

  2. We have updated our application processing times.

  3. We have updated our application processing times.

  4. We have updated our application processing times.

  5. We have updated our application processing times.

  6. We have updated our application processing times.

  7. We have updated our application processing times.

  8. Update to application processing times.

  9. Some land registration fees will increase from Monday 31 January.

  10. We have updated our application processing times.

  11. We've updated application processing times for updates to the register.

  12. Updated our application processing times.

  13. We have updated our application processing times for updates to the register.

  14. Updated our application processing times for register queries and updates to the register.

  15. We've updated the Updates to the register section to advise that over half of the applications to update the register are taking just under 4 weeks to complete.

  16. We've updated the timescales for register queries, updates to the register, complex changes and new entries.

  17. We've clarified the turnaround times for requesting an application to be expedited.

  18. We've added a statement to advise we do not expect our services to be impacted as a result of the public health guidance announced on 4 January 2021.

  19. We've added timescales for processing applications.

  20. Our phone service is now available from 8am to 5pm.

  21. Added information on how to request an application to be expedited.

  22. Added a link to the new Practice guide 80: useful information for conveyancers.

  23. We've updated the 'Accessing PDF downloads' section to include View My Applications. The service allows you to check the status of your applications and download all relevant documentation.

  24. Transfers of ownership of property, leases, mortgages and other property dealings can be signed and witnessed electronically. We've added a link to 'practice guide 8: execution of deeds' for more information.

  25. We've updated our phone service opening hours (8am to 12 midday and 1:30pm to 3:30pm).

  26. We added information on 'Powers of attorney certified by legal executives', 'Electronically signed deeds', how to 'Lodge an application on behalf of another company' and 'Protecting interest by way of notice'.

  27. Added a link to sign up for email alerts from Simon Hayes, Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar.

  28. Updated 'How conveyancers can request an application to be expedited' and added a new section titled: 'Cancellation dates on expedited applications'.

  29. Conveyancers must provide evidence to show why an application is urgent when requesting an expedite.

  30. Our phone service is operating at a reduced level and with restricted opening hours (8am to 12 midday).

  31. First published.