Make a complaint to the Insolvency Service

Where to make a complaint about anything relating to insolvency including the Insolvency Service, an official receiver, an insolvency practitioner, or a bankrupt you suspect of wrongdoing or misconduct. You can also report a limited company or its directors for fraud or misconduct.

How to complain about the Insolvency Service (including an official receiver)

If you’ve been in contact with the Insolvency Service and are not happy with the service you’ve received, we want you to tell us. We can then try to resolve your complaint and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Complaints about the Insolvency Service can include issues with the following departments or staff:

  • Official Receiver’s Office
  • Insolvency Adjudicator
  • Long Term Asset & Distribution Team
  • Debt Relief Order Team
  • Redundancy Payments Office
  • Companies Investigation Section
  • Headquarters

Read more about our complaints procedure and about how to complain.

How to complain about an insolvency practitioner

If a case is being handled by an insolvency practitioner and you’re not happy with the service you have received, you can visit Complain about an insolvency practitioner and submit your complaint using the online form.

A link to guidance on making a complaint is provided at the top of the online complaint form.

An insolvency practitioner can also be called a:

  • trustee in bankruptcy cases
  • supervisor in a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • liquidator if a company has been wound up or is in voluntary liquidation
  • receiver, administrator or administrative receiver

How to complain about a limited company

You can make a complaint if you have reasonable grounds to suspect a currently active company of:

  • causing significant harm to customers, suppliers, etc
  • breaking the law, eg fraud
  • serious misconduct, eg company assets not being used properly
  • having significant irregularity in its affairs

To make a complaint, visit Complain about a limited company and follow the instructions provided

Complain about the re-use of a company name

Complain to the Insolvency Service if a director or sole trader is re-using the name (or a similar name) of a company in compulsory or creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

Read more

How to complain about someone who’s bankrupt or subject to a Debt Relief Order (DRO)

You can make a complaint to the official receiver about someone who is bankrupt or subject to a DRO if:

  • you suspect them of breaking the terms of their bankruptcy or the terms of their DRO, for example are acting as a company director without the permission of a court
  • you suspect them of misconduct before or after the bankruptcy or DRO, for example hiding assets or obtaining credit they knew they could not pay

To make a complaint visit Complain about a bankrupt and follow the instructions provided

How to complain about someone who has broken the terms of a restrictions order or undertaking

You can report someone to the Insolvency Service Intelligence Hub if you suspect them of breaking the terms of their:

  • Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO) or a Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking (BRU)
  • Debt Relief Restrictions Order (DRRO) or a Debt Relief Restrictions Undertaking (DRRU)

For example, they may have acted as a company director without the court’s permission or tried to borrow money without saying they are subject to restrictions.

Find out more about the terms of a BRO/BRU and the terms of a DRRO/DRRU.

To make a complaint, fill in our online Investigations and Enforcement Services Breach Questionnaire and follow the instructions provided

How to complain about a disqualified director

You can complain about a director who has been banned but is:

  • working as a director of a company or a member of a limited liability partnership (LLP) without the court’s permission
  • getting involved in the promotion, formation or management of a company without the court’s permission
  • acting as an insolvency practitioner
  • breaching any other restrictions of a ban

To make a complaint, visit Report a disqualified director and follow the instructions provided.

Further information

Insolvency enquiry line

For information about the insolvency process contact the Insolvency Enquiry Line during office hours. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except Wednesday 10am to 5pm. We can give you general information about: insolvency, what official receivers do and where you can go to get the information or advice you need.

We can’t give you: legal or financial advice, information on specific insolvency cases, information or advice on matters directly relating to other government departments.

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