Complain about an insolvency practitioner

If you’re not happy with your insolvency practitioner’s service, you must first complain to them directly.

An insolvency practitioner can also be called a:

  • trustee in personal bankruptcy cases
  • supervisor in a Company Voluntary Arrangement or Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • liquidator if a company is being wound up and its assets sold off
  • receiver, administrator or administrative receiver

If you’re not satisfied with their response, you can use this online form to complain to their professional (authorising) body.

You can only complain about something that happened:

  • in the past 3 years
  • more than 3 years ago if you first found evidence of the issue in the past 3 years

You cannot use this form to make the same complaint more than once. You can add more information about a complaint that has already been reviewed.

Start now

Before you start

You need to know which professional (authorising) body your insolvency practitioner belongs to.

Get help making a complaint

Use the contact form to ask the Insolvency Service for help making a complaint.