Local regulation: practice and strategy

Guidance and information for local authorities.

Supporting compliance

Better Business for All (BBfA) brings together businesses and regulators to identify the issues facing local businesses and shape the provision of effective support services to them. We support the development of these local partnerships and manage a toolkit of resources for them, drawing on good practice.

Business regulation: Better Business for All

Effective local regulation depends upon the professionals involved. The regular review of their development needs is essential, as the nature of their roles, and the legislation they enforce, change over time. We think there is a set of core competencies relevant to all regulators, regardless of the level and specific nature of their work.

Core competencies

Checking compliance

Developed with business and regulators, this code of practice covering products and services for which statutory age restrictions are in place is a non-statutory approach to improving associated compliance and enforcement activities. It is applicable in England and Wales and primarily aimed at local authorities.

Code of practice: age restricted products and services


Our outcomes and impacts toolkit provides regulatory services with a detailed process for developing good indicators to assess the results of their operations and displaying the information gathered in a way that aids understanding.

Local regulation: outcomes and impacts toolkit summary


Further materials concerned with local regulation are available for reference in the following collection.

Local regulation: other resources

Published 19 September 2016