Code of practice: age restricted products and services

An approach to improving local regulation in the area of age restricted products and services.


Notification of test purchase: pass

Notification of test purchase: fail


Developed with business and regulators, this code of practice covering products and services for which statutory age restrictions are in place is a non-statutory approach to improving associated compliance and enforcement activities, whether in relation to premises or online supply. It applicable in England and Wales and is primarily aimed at local authorities and others with responsibilities under the Regulators’ Code. However other enforcement agencies will find it of value.

This code of practice was published in January 2013, and updated in April 2014 to reflect the introduction of the statutory Regulators’ Code and changes to Primary Authority that took effect in October 2013. Its recommendations were not amended.

The supporting documents are templates that can be used in relation to test purchasing operations.

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Published 22 January 2013